Roses That Last For Years

There is always a special meaning when you give or receive roses, and it feels even more meaningful if they are long-lasting roses. Perhaps you have heard or read about the “forever roses that never die,” and are wanting to know more about these flowers that last a year or more? Let’s take a closer look at roses that last a year in the USA and see what you are getting for the extra money.

What Are These Roses That Last A Year Or More?

Traditional preserving processes for a variety of flowers, including roses, have involved a drying procedure. While this has produced flowers that last a year, the results have been less than ideal. Many “long lasting roses” that use this process leave you with a dry flower that lacks bright coloring and is easy to break.

Modern techniques have produced year long roses by preserving them instead of using the drying method. Beautiful bouquets are created by cutting the roses at their peak before rehydrating and sealing them with glycerine as well as various plant components. Dyes can be added later to create petals of many different colors. The result is roses that last a year USA, providing an arrangement that can last for one to three years! read more

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