What do roses smell like?

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” Shakespeare famously pointed out in his play Romeo and Juliet. And, indeed, one of the most famous defining attributes of roses—along with the beautiful color and elegant shape of their bloom—is their rich and fragrant aromas. These rich scents are produced by the flower as a means for attracting bees and other pollinators who can carry their pollen to other flowers and so spread their genetic material. Flowers like roses have therefore evolved to produce strong smells in order to survive: roses scented more powerfully will be more attractive to pollinators.

Bees and other pollinators are not the only creatures who have been attracted by the smell of the rose. Throughout history, humans have celebrated and cultivated the rose for its rich smells. They have been admired for their smell since at least the times of ancient Rome when the Damask and Gallica varieties were used to add fragrance to rooms and freshen water for bathing. According to legend, Cleopatra wooed Marc Antony by filling a room with more than a foot deep of rose petals to scent the air. And around the 10th century AD, the Persians introduced the practice of distilling scented oil from the flower—a process that involves extracting oil from the petals with alcohol or another distillation method and requiring 250 pounds of petals to produce just one ounce of oil.

Beyond its fragrant qualities, rose oil—typically derived from the English Gertrude Jekyll rose—has proven a popular homeopathic remedy and medicinal compound in cultures from China to Turkey and Morocco to Bulgaria and is still widely used around the world today for moisturizing dry skin, as an antidepressant and mild sedative, and for stress relief, and there is even some evidence that can aid in strengthening memory. In addition, because it is high in vitamins A, C, and P, rose oil tea can help with digestion, gastrointestinal ailments, and sore throats. read more

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Preserved Roses: Preserved Rose Bouquets

What Are the Preserved Roses?

The preserved bouquet of roses has been called the forever rose. The mystery of how they take real flowers and make them last for up to a year is truly fascinating. Florists do not dry them, but they do add certain natural essences to the flowers. Real preserved roses are 100 percent real and not comprised of any artificial materials like silk. They can look artificial from a distance, but up close you will appreciate how real they actually are.

Correctly preserving fresh flowers starts with getting luxury roses cut at their peak appearance and beauty. The florists then take the petals and submerge them in a special mixture of glycerin with other essential elements of plants, all natural. What this does is to re-hydrate the rose from petals the o the stem, replacing the original sap. read more

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10 yeards-round flowers that bloom

If you’re looking to preserve a beautiful smelling and colorful garden year-round, here are 10 annual flower species to grow in 2019.

1. Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus)
These sweet purple flowers are vine climbing with tendrils, meaning they need a trellis. They can grow up to 6 feet tall. Tuck the seeds into the soil in late fall to see blos in spring. It is recommended to plant Sweet Peas along a fence line or trellis or to add color to a vegetable garden. They can also be a nice addition to cutting gardens.
Credit: JSOBHATIS16899/Shutterstock

2. Cornflower; ‘Classic Fantastic’;(Centaurea cyanus):
Also known by the name of ‘bachelor’s buttons’, cornflowers bloom in the spring with pretty blue, purple, pink, and white shades. It’s best to plant cornflowers in late fall for spring arrival. The cornflower does sow itself. Cornflowers are best suited for cutting or cottage gardens. They go well with roses, larkspur, Dame’s rocket, or poppies.
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The best guide to indoor plants

The art of gardening is a hobby with something for everyone, and thanks to new upward trends the hobby is now more available to those without the time, resources or space for traditional gardening than ever before. Indoor plants have spurned new popularity and availability giving gardeners of all skill, income or time allotment the chance to become plant moms and dads. If you’re looking for where to begin or add to your indoor plant collection this year, look no further!


Succulents have trended on Instagram in recent years, making them a beautiful beginning for indoor plant hobbyists. Succulents are low-maintenance in nature and tend to thrive with little to no light and can withstand a little neglect for watering and soil care. These characteristics accompanied by the varying types, shapes, colors and unique look and feel of succulents make them unparalleled in the indoor plant community. Here are some of the top-selling succulents of 2019.

Echeveria- With a classic triangular leaf-shaped in a circular pattern, the echeveria is easily a top succulent choice. From above, most echeverias gives a rosette-shaped appeal with easy maintenance and a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. read more

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Roses Delivery: Bouquets

Roses can be sold for other special occasions besides mother’s day. Roses can be given for birthdays as well. A special birthday bouquet of roses could be for coworkers, friends, or lovers. It can also be given when somebody is sick. Whether they just have the common flu or if they are in the hospital for a serious medical reason, this is also a unique and delicate time to give roses to your friends, family members, or a loved one.

Valentine’s day is the most common day to give flowers. Usually, on this day, roses are sent to lovers but it can also be sent to family members such as mothers, grandmothers, children, and friends. Roses can be for anyone and everyone including men, but usually, by tradition, the roses are sent to women on this day. Another time to give roses is when a loved one or someone close to you has passed away. When someone passed away, most people write a handwritten note along with planning roses arrangement. At funerals, red roses are always given to the dead as a way of signifying love, grief, or respect.

If you are thinking about giving someone roses to express your love or gratitude for any reason or occasion today, it is very important that you learn as much as you can about roses. Since the rose has its own symbolic meaning and the cost can vary greatly by the different species, colors and climate, you should look for roses that meet your needs and your budget. Also, as you do your research, here are some things that you need to know before you decide to give someone roses. read more

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How Much Sun Do Roses Need ?

Roses are beautiful to look at, and they are easy to grow in many cases. The amount of sunlight that they need depends on the type of rose. While almost all roses require at least four hours of sunlight a day, there are rose varieties that need much more to thrive.

Roses That Grow Well in Full Shade

Some pale-colored roses will look washed out in the full sun and seem to glow in the shade. When choosing roses for shady locations, consider choosing those that are prolific bloomers. Most of these roses will bloom prolifically in full sun conditions, but they will still bloom when placed in a shady spot. Most heirloom roses that grow well in full shade grow naturally in forest or thickets around the globe. For your roses to thrive in the shade, you need to fertilize them and make sure that the soil drains properly. Since shade-tolerant roses tend to grow taller, keeping them pruned can cause them to put on more blooms. read more

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Fleurs Roses : Fleurs Bouquets

Flowers gained their special symbolism based both upon their species and petal color. The bouquet of fleurs roses has always defined love and gratitude ideally well. Yet differing colors of rose mean different messages to women today. In fact, shades within a color can even convey entirely different messages to the lucky recipient of these lovely roses. Roses or Fleurs may equally love, but there are many different kinds of love to express whether you are sending a domestic or international delivery. Getting your message just right can be so critical where a young woman or girl is concerned.

As such, you should consider doing some research and choose the roses that best convey the sentiment that you’re hoping to express. With that, let’s take a moment to learn more about roses. Sometimes referred to as fleurs, these roses are a good fit for just about any occasion as they can symbolize everything from joy and gladness to friendship. And for those who find red roses cliché, they can also be an expression of romantic love.

Preserved fleurs or flowers, such as roses, are ideal for versatile and inexpensive decorating. Many people also choose to preserve flowers as mementos from special occasions, such as proms or weddings.

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