Preserved Roses: Preserved Rose Bouquets

What Are the Preserved Roses?

The preserved bouquet of roses has been called the forever rose. The mystery of how they take real flowers and make them last for up to a year is truly fascinating. Florists do not dry them, but they do add certain natural essences to the flowers. Real preserved roses are 100 percent real and not comprised of any artificial materials like silk. They can look artificial from a distance, but up close you will appreciate how real they actually are.

Correctly preserving fresh flowers starts with getting luxury roses cut at their peak appearance and beauty. The florists then take the petals and submerge them in a special mixture of glycerin with other essential elements of plants, all natural. What this does is to re-hydrate the rose from petals the o the stem, replacing the original sap.

Once this has occurred for several days, the magical process finishes. The roses are now preserved, flexible, and completely natural in appearance. In order to get the many colorful choices that you have in these special long lasting flowers, florists immediately put the flowers through a dying process once the preservation process has finished.

The difference in longevity of these preserved roses versus dried roses is astonishing. Dried flowers are merely dehydrated. They will not keep so long and even will become brittle so that petals will easily break. Kept in a secure location, they might hold on for a few months. Accidentally moved or bumped, they become a mess instead of a flower bouquet.

Preserved flowers will hold out for a year easily. Kept on a shelf in a vase, you can expect to enjoy these flowers over a time span ranging from one to three years. Kept in a sealed environment, they will easily hold out for three years in perfect condition.

These preserved roses are useful for more than just decorating a vase. They are ideal as fine floral art, quality home decor, and other crafty projects which utilize flowers.

When Is An Appropriate Occasion to Send Preserved Roses?

Any woman who is special enough to you to make a lasting impression on deserves these preserved roses. Roses in general are the best way to say “I love or care about you.” If you want this sentiment to keep for years to come, then you need to spend the extra money for long lasting forever roses.

You have a large variety of such preserved roses from which to choose, all of which are sure to outlast and overawe any other comparably priced gift that you might give a true love or girlfriend. Their freshness and beauty makes them a superior gift for someone who is really special to you. Forever roses are a perfect gift for any kind of occasion. They do more than just last for years, they create a long lasting impression.

How Many Roses Should You Send to a Woman?

This all depends how ready you are to spend the rest of your life with the girl. For a first date, you could safely settle on one rose, which stands for love at first sight. It works years down the line to convey the message that you still love her.

To express your mutual affection and love, go with two roses. Three roses is traditionally a one month anniversary present that speaks of your shared love together. Six roses says you are infatuated with the woman. To tell her that you will always be together, go with nine roses. Tell her your love is prefect with a 10 rose bouquet. To shout out “Be mine!” go with a complete dozen roses.

Thirteen roses conveys the message that she will always be your friend. Tell her you are sorry with fifteen roses. Let her know that your feelings for her are really sincere with 20 individual roses in a bouquet. With 21 roses you can declare “I am dedicated only to you!”

Tell her “I am yours!” with two dozen roses. Congratulate a woman on an achievement or accomplishment by sending her 25 distinctive roses. Let her know that you are head over heels in love with her by giving her three dozen roses.

Forty roses declares that your love for her is genuine. Finally, show a love that is boundless with fifty or more roses that you give to a woman. She is sure to be impressed at the price tag of this hefty bouquet along with the natural beauty of the preserved roses.

Roses’ Meaning and Symbolism

Roses have represented the ultimate symbol of passion and love for thousands of years now. Both the ancient Greeks and Imperial Romans knew that roses were connected to the Greek goddess Aphrodite and Roman goddess of love Venus. These flowers have expressed messages without words for thousands of years.

They also express confidentiality. The Latin expression “sub rosa” (which literally translates to “under the rose”) equates to a secret consultation. Indeed during the era of ancient Rome, conspirators would place a wild rose beneath the door that led to the room where they held their secret consultation.

Every rose color has its own particular meaning too. Red is the rose of lovers. It stands for lasting passion. Pink is for admiration, appreciation, and gratitude. Yellow means joy and friendship. White conveys innocence and humility. Purple stands for infatuation (or love at first sight), while orange represents enthusiastic desire.

In Conclusion

How can you do one better than sending a woman the ultimate flower of love? Make it a preserved bouquet or forever flower that she can admire and enjoy for up to three years. She will always remember the gesture and reward you in exciting ways that only a woman can. If you are looking for the gift that literally keeps on giving, then go with the preserved roses that say “I love you” for years to come. You are sure to be glad that you did every time that she looks at them.