The best guide to indoor plants

The art of gardening is a hobby with something for everyone, and thanks to new upward trends the hobby is now more available to those without the time, resources or space for traditional gardening than ever before. Indoor plants have spurned new popularity and availability giving gardeners of all skill, income or time allotment the chance to become plant moms and dads. If you’re looking for where to begin or add to your indoor plant collection this year, look no further!


Succulents have trended on Instagram in recent years, making them a beautiful beginning for indoor plant hobbyists. Succulents are low-maintenance in nature and tend to thrive with little to no light and can withstand a little neglect for watering and soil care. These characteristics accompanied by the varying types, shapes, colors and unique look and feel of succulents make them unparalleled in the indoor plant community. Here are some of the top-selling succulents of 2019.

Echeveria- With a classic triangular leaf-shaped in a circular pattern, the echeveria is easily a top succulent choice. From above, most echeverias gives a rosette-shaped appeal with easy maintenance and a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

Jade- Jade succulents have leaves with tear-drop shapes that grow in upward-facing clusters.

Cactus- one of the more well-known of the succulent variety, cacti are available in many colors, shapes, and sizes making them an interesting collection or a single focal piece with a side of danger.


Vining or trailing indoor plants give a more dimensional aspect to indoor plants and add more when it comes to space and design appeal. Vinery and trailing plants may grow upwards, outwards, or cascading down and can be versatile and malleable to add a lot of interest to your space.

Pothos- and often variegated vine plants with heart-shaped leaves is a hearty classic-looking plant that can grow up to 2+ feet in length.

Devils Ivy- an easy to grow a vine with oblong leaves and unique coloring that spreads quickly and can develop a beautiful wrapping vine in the appropriate conditions.


While all indoor plants boast oxygenating and purifying qualities, promoting herb growth inside can boost these qualities as well as add therapeutic value to your home. Here are some top herbs for indoor growth to improve air quality and give aromatherapy benefits.

Lavender- Well-known for it’s relaxing aroma, lavender thrives indoors and gives an earthy, sweet scent making it the perfect addition in bedrooms or relaxing spaces within the home. While both varieties grow well indoors, french lavender tends to last longer due to it’s smaller size and lower maintenance level.

Rosemary- While mostly used for cooking and ingestion, rosemary’s aromatherapy benefits include heightened focus and memory, making it a pleasant addition to home offices, libraries or kitchens.


For indoor plants with a punch of color and excitement, flowering houseplants can bring the colors and life of outdoor gardens into your home.

Orchids- Orchids thrive out of the sunlight, making them an ideal choice for your indoor plants. Keep in mind they like to dry out between watering, and prefer more humid environments.

African Violets- Another easy to grow flower outside of direct sunlight, African violets range from purples and pinks to white in flower colors. They like to be water from the bottom and kept in mist soil without getting the leaves or blossoms saturated.

Flowering Maple- Named for it’s one of a kind maple-patterned flower petals, the flowering maple grows well to any container it’s planted in, and boasts large blush or peach colored bulbous blooms. This plant can be a show-stopper under ideal conditions, with indirect sunlight most of the day and only watered when soil is dry to the touch.