Blue Roses Meaning and Symbolism

It’s possible that the blue rose is one of the most well-known rose colors, even though, until Dutch botanists began using cobalt fertilizer a few years ago, creating a true blue rose seemed to be an impossible task. Now, blue roses are available at many florists and make a wonderful gift. However, when you give a blue rose, you may want to consider a blue rose’s symbolism.

The Perfect, Fulfilled Love

A blue rose has several different meanings. There is a fairytale from China that tells of a princess who didn’t wish to marry, despite her father’s wishes. In order to thwart her father’s plans, the princess decreed that she would only marry someone who brought her a blue rose. No one could fulfill the promise, of course. However, when she fell in love with a musician and realized that she actually did want to marry, her challenge became a problem.

The princess’s love interest brought her, instead, a white rose. The princess claimed that the rose was blue. From then on, in China and other eastern nations, a blue rose’s symbolism has been associated with pure, true loves that make both parties joyous. With these intentions in mind, giving a blue rose to someone could tell that person that they make you happy, that the love between you brings you joy, or that they complete you.

Unrequited Love

In western areas, the blue rose’s symbolism is slightly different. For many years, rose breeders attempted to create a blue variety. Even genetic engineering was used to try to create these roses. However, plants can only contain colors that were in the original genetic material of the parent plants. This means that although gardeners could create roses that were nearly purple, or had blue hues or tones, a true blue rose proved impossible.

Because of the inability to create a rose bush that blossomed into true blue blooms, the blue rose has come to represent unfulfilled longing or love. Giving a blue rose to someone may indicate that you are longing for them but are unsure about how to proceed or whether your affections will be returned. The blue rose can also symbolize a secret love, perhaps one that can’t be announced or one where the parties aren’t quite ready to admit their feelings about each other.

The Perfect Gift for a Unique Individual

The blue rose is also a mysterious, fantastical flower, and because of that, the rose has come to represent both of those things as well. If you give a blue rose to someone, you may be making a statement that that person is unusual. Giving a blue rose with this symbolism in mind may tell the person receiving the rose that you think they are special and unique and that there is no one else like them.

The blue rose is a rare and beautiful flower, and truly, no matter the symbolism or the occasion, these roses make a heartfelt and thoughtful gift. They can be given because of something they symbolize, but they are also a lovely gift simply to tell someone you care about them or are thinking about them.

In addition, a blue rose can be given in a variety of ways. A single blue rose, because it is a flower that is so rare and special, is perfect to give by itself. It can be worn in the hair or in a buttonhole. When placed in a rose vase, even a single blue rose makes quite the statement. A bouquet of blue roses is even more stunning and is sure to brighten the day of whoever receives it.

Blue roses can also be mixed into a bouquet that contains several different flowers. A blue rose will stand out when placed with white flowers such as baby’s breath or calla lilies, for example. These roses also stand out in a bouquet of many different colors. They can also be placed with other blue flowers and given to some whose favorite color is blue. The blue rose also mixes well with other roses, such as yellow or red roses.