How Long Do Roses Last?

One of the most beautiful flowers in Mother Nature is the rose. Their fragrant aroma has inspired many perfumes and other scents. Roses remain the queen of the flower garden and have been used as the topic of poems, stories, paintings, and even songs. Did you know that the name Rosa, which is derived from the famous flower, is the same in every language? Is it any wonder why people adore these dazzling blooms?

Roses are the perfect flowers for your sweetheart, or they are an excellent gift for someone who needs a mood boost from a beautiful arrangement. The color of these flowers dictates their meaning according to Victorian times. You can have a vase of these fresh-cut beauties in your home to enjoy, but you want to preserve the life of the rose for as long as possible.

These flowers can indeed show friendship, love, commitment, and eternal beauty. However, they won’t last long if you don’t preserve them. Who wants a dead and mushy flower sitting on their counter?

How Long Do Roses Last?

Generally, you can expect a cut flower like the rose to last about 7-10 days. However, there are some things that you can do to extend the lifespan of these beauties. Why go through all the trouble of preservation when you can get a rose variety that can last for up to one year?

Eternity roses have become quite popular in the floral world. These impressive blooms have swayed even stars like Kim Kardashian and Gigi. The average price for a dozen roses is around $75, depending on the season. So why would you pay so much for something with such a short lifespan?

Extending the Lifespan of Flowers

How long do flowers last if they have been cut and removed from their roots? Well, it depends on the flower and their treatment plan afterward. Blossoms are finicky and require a lot of care to get them to stay vibrant. However, an eternity rose is an entirely different breed. Don’t be fooled by roses that state they will last forever and are knock offs made of artificial materials. There are many imposters on the marketplace that cannot compare to the beauty of the pure fragrant flower.

It seems almost impossible that a cut flower would last this long and be real. However, it was discovered by mistake. It happened back in 2015 during Valentine’s Day rush. The founder of the company, Seema Bansal, was excited by the beautiful arrangement of roses that her husband gave her for this special day. However, their spectacular state didn’t last long. The price for these flowers was unbelievably expensive, and they were in subpar condition just a few hours later. How could they have paid so much for something that just wilted away in a day?

The Fleurs is Born

The official name of these signature roses is the Fleurs. The strange thing about this variety is that the rose doesn’t need water to stay hydrated, and it can last for an entire year. The unique characteristics of this flower allowed those who don’t have a green thumb to keep a stunning bouquet. Everyone wants an arrangement that they can have for an extended period, but it was a tall order.

It was essential that the flower retain their color, shape, scent, and overall texture. So she wanted the best rose she could that had a proven history of breeding. The trick was to use an Ecuadorian native. Not only do they have one of the best reputations in the flower industry, but they produce some of the highest in quality because of their growing conditions.

The country of Ecuador is known for having such rich soil content that makes their flowers last longer because of the vast nutrients. Bansal was able to create a rose available in more than 20 colors, which is impressive considering the hallmark is around five. Not only are the hues remarkable, but she also pays special attention to the packaging. She puts them in Parisian hatboxes that have a unique marble print or suede exterior.

Why Are the Eternity Roses Better Than Others?

If you want to know how long do flowers last, you could ask experts from around the globe and get a wide variety of answers. The key was to make sure that the roses were cut when they were perfect. To preserve them, they must be dehydrated and injected with a solution that stunts their growth. A waxed based blend will help them to keep both their shape as well as their silky, soft texture.

The exact method to make these flowers is closely guarded as it’s a company secret. The methodology is the key to creating an eternity rose. However, you should know that some of the more exotic varieties require the use of dyes and paints to give them unique colors and a glossy coat.

Customers rave about these Ecuadorian beauties. Since these roses need hardly any maintenance, they are the perfect gift. The only consideration is that they must be kept out of direct sunlight due to the wax injection. Also, they may collect dust over time, so they will need to be dusted periodically. It requires little effort to keep that look stunning all year around. Some people say that many times the flowers outlast the relationships, but that’s just a risk many are willing to take.