Pink roses meaning

Do roses have meaning? Yes, the colors have been used to say and represent an array of meanings, both in the world of today and throughout history. You may be thinking of giving a bouquet of pink roses and want to know more about their meaning. One thinks of the pink rose as being feminine and delicate, but these blushing beauties have been in even the harshest climates and have endured. When did this blossom originate, and why is it a favorite?

Why Pink?
Pink roses represent the classic symbols of elegance and grace as well as sweetness and the romance of the poetic. They show admiration and appreciation and are often given to friends or family as well as those with whom we share strong feelings.

History of the Pink Rose
Found in fossils that date back to 40 million years, the pink rose was later grown in the Imperial rose garden of China. They were that country’s garden variety about 5000 years ago.

Early drawings in the ancient world showed pink roses. There is even a drawing that was among Minoan frescoes that depicted small pink roses with five petals.

Due to the fact that the pink rose was widespread in nature, they were the first ornamental rose to be chosen to be cultivated. The Gallica rose, or “Officinalis” was introduced from the Middle East to France in the 1300s. The Gallicas are thought to be the oldest of all the garden roses. Grown first by the Greeks and Romans, in the 1700s the Dutch people began to increase the Gallicia varieties through their garden breeding. Short and bushy, these rose shrubs were ideal for smaller gardens.

Cultivation of other pink varieties lagged until 1800, when China roses arrived. During the 18th century, roses began to be cultivated for commercial use; at that time the only colors available were pale pink, almost white, to a crimson color. As hybridization became available, new colors were introduced, as the pale pink rose turned into new and vibrant shades, such as bright fuchsia, soft pink and salmon. Roses were introduced that could bloom throughout the year, instead of the once-a-year garden rose. As more varieties developed, the shades of pink began to take on various and diverse meanings.

Meaning of the Pinks
The Greeks and Romans saw the pink rose as a symbol of Venus or Aphrodite. It was also depicted in the often-seen painting, Primavera by Botticelli, painted between 1478 and 1482. In this painting, one figure holds a sheath of pink roses, while pink roses bloom in the trees behind her. In the Birth of Venus, another Botticelli, pink roses are showered upon the Goddess of Love.

Known as the flowers that bloom in Jerusalem, in the Jewish Talmud writings, these gentle blossoms became known as the symbol of healing and of paradise. They were known as the only flower that was allowed to bloom in Jerusalem; for that reason they symbolized paradise.

Some Varieties of the Pink Rose
The ‘Charles Bonnet’ or ‘Thornless Rose’ has smooth stems and is without thorns. It bears large deep pink flowers which show off their beauty to those who walk by the garden; bees flock to it. It was first bred in 1868.

Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’ was developed by David Austin in 2004 and is a soft apricot color that becomes soft pink. It is more of a cup-shaped rose.

The Shade Matters
Did you know that light pink roses symbolize gentleness and admiration? They can be used to express thoughts of sympathy for a grieving friend. The light pink color can also express first love.

Darker, fuchsia-toned roses can mean gratitude and appreciation. These vibrant pink shades are traditionally used to express thanks.

The Pink Rose as Calming
People in offices can be relaxed by the color of a bouquet of pink roses. A study was undertaken where office workers were exposed to thirty pink roses. Feelings of being ‘comfortable,’ ‘relaxed’ and ‘natural’ feelings were more common in subjects exposed to roses.

With this in mind, the next time you want to send flowers to an office or a home office, think of the pink variety of the rose. They make a beautiful bouquet that will add a soothing effect.

You can order pink roses online to arrive at your door or at the home or office of those who are receiving them.

Roses are truly special; Shakespeare wrote, “Of all flowers, methinks a rose is best.”
He did not necessarily mean the pink rose, but after learning more about this gentle and beautiful variety, you can agree. This rose is sure to bring a smile to those who receive a bouquet or even a single rose.