Rose Color Meanings: 20 Best Rose Colors

Most people are familiar with red roses when it comes to gifts, celebrations, and subtle (or not so subtle) displays of love. The variety of rose colors that are available make this flower one of the most popular choices for any occasion. There are quite a few rose color meanings, and many events are associated with their own specific rose color. Knowing rose color meanings can be useful in all kinds of relationships; sometimes, the language of roses communicates feelings more effectively than words can, which is why they continue to be so important for sharing everything from joy to sorrow.

1. Red Roses

Red roses are one of the most common symbols of passion and affection. They make a beautiful gift due to their stunning color. Not only are these meant to be given to close companions, but red roses are also used as gifts to celebrate myriad achievements. This is a color that reminds one of the blushing cheeks and the deep majesty of love.

2. White Roses

This rose’s color, or lack thereof, is reminiscent of purity and humility. These kinds of roses are often used for religious ceremonies such as weddings or christenings. They can also be used in order to celebrate a secular event like college graduation. While these may look completely white at first glance, they actually have a slightly yellow center.

3. Pink Roses

While many of the emotions behind a pink rose are similar to the ones behind its red counterpart, the pink rose is slightly less intense. They are seen as a token of affection that is used to express admiration rather than passion. These are great roses for many different uses such as showing appreciation or expressing joy.

4. Yellow Roses

Few gifts evoke joy as powerfully as a bundle of yellow roses. This is why they are often used to represent friendship and closeness. They are sun-like in their appearance, which helps inject energy and happiness into any occasion.

5. Orange Roses

Orange is another color that often creates excitement. A few orange roses can be used as a token of love or simply brighten up the room. The attention-grabbing color of these roses makes an impressive statement to viewers, which is why they make excellent gifts to celebrate something special.

6. Blue Roses

A mysterious hue emanates from these striking flowers. Blue roses are genetically engineered to present their cerulean color, but that doesn’t mean that the feelings they bring are in any way artificial. Blue roses are for showing emotions that are cool and intense.

7. Rainbow Roses

Each rainbow rose is first grown as a white rose. Over time, colors are carefully added by injecting dye into the stem of the flower. This creates a fascinating array of colors that mottle each plant in a unique pattern. Rainbow roses are a special flower that represents deep love and care.

8. Peach Roses

Peach roses are a great option for a more modest message. They may not be the flashiest color, but they have a noble look that is great for business situations. Peach roses are perfect as a professional and honest gift. Their unique look also helps them to stand out against the common red or pink rose.

9. Salmon Roses

Salmon roses are similar to orange roses, but they have a slightly pinker hue. They also make excellent gifts to express love or celebratory feelings. Their lighter color also makes them a little less apparent when placed in a room, which gives them more subtlety.

10. Cream Roses

Cream roses are a sophisticated breed that proves the fine taste of the person that selected them. They work well in combination with other roses or on their own. This style makes for fantastic gifts that are more nuanced than many other rose colors. Cream roses can be mixed with similar colors to create a dazzling combination.

11. Purple Roses

Few rose colors are as ethereal as purple and violet. A purple rose communicates deep feelings of love for the recipient. While other colors tend to pop out and catch the eye, these roses are understated and beautiful in their own way. Most roses are loud in appearance, but this kind of rose is more sensual than it is passionate.

12. Burgundy Roses

Burgundy roses are symbolic of hidden beauty, which makes them an excellent gift for those that are not trying to steal the show. While they may evoke similar feelings to the common red rose, these roses are obviously touched with a more complex attitude. Burgundy roses are great for when red roses just don’t say enough.

13. Green Roses

Not many roses have as specific meaning as the green-colored rose. These roses are given as charms to increase fertility or abundance. Green is often used to represent wealth– the same goes for roses that are of this verdant variety. The strength of this color is also visually astounding, especially when many green roses are bunched together.

14. Black Roses

Black is usually a color that represents the end of life. They might be used at funerals or to send a bleak message. Alternatively, black roses can also be used to show a tragic side to love. These also match black outfits and decorations very well.

15. Coral Roses

Coral roses represent unlimited energy and unmatched passion. They manage to hold an intense color that is also nuanced with deeper meaning. These are special roses for when someone wants to show how important another person is to them. Coral roses also pair well with the pink and red variants, meaning they can be used to add another layer of love to any bouquet.

16. Mixed Roses

The great thing about roses is that they can be mixed and matched to for multicolored bouquets that are beautiful to behold. Mixing rose colors can lead to special messages, or they can be veritable art pieces of their own. Mixed roses are extremely effective because it takes an extra step of care that proves a deep affection.

17. Golden Roses

These type of roses are actually yellow roses which have such a deep color that they look golden. A golden rose is special, meaning it should be given to someone that is as precious as gold. A person receiving a gold flower will surely feel the kindness of this sentiment.

18. Turquoise Roses

This is a color that crosses the ghostliness of blue with the positivity of green. This means that it is a fantastic color of a rose for when someone wants to spread good luck as well as deep feelings of love. They can be used for many occasions thanks to the mix of white and shining blue that they boldly displayed.

19. Mint Roses

Mint roses are significant because they are often given to new parents. The fresh and joyous feelings that mint roses create are perfect for celebrating the birth of a baby or anything that is full of beginnings. Few other rose colors are as noble and playful as this one.

20. Rose Gold Roses

Rose gold is a rose color that is gold with a tinge of red mixed in. While golden roses represent friendship, the rose gold rose is one that is more at home as a party decoration. They are hypnotizing and gorgeous flowers that lighten up whichever room they inhabit. These are certainly a special rose that is a rare treat when used correctly.