Best roses in a box. What to know.

Giving or receiving a beautiful box of roses will make your box to bring more attention to compare to other flowers. The meaning of different flower arrangements and gifts can vary quite a bit depending on the number of flowers in the bouquet, as well as the color of the roses that you want to get.

Have you searched for a unique, lovely gift for someone who matters to you? Roses in a Box can bring immense joy to recipients. They allow a sender to convey a wide array of messages simply, yet in a genuinely memorable way.

There are many boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can get a square box, a round box, or a box-shaped like a heart. When your loved one opens the box, they’ll enjoy viewing a single rose, or a bouquet of these aromatic blossoms. Imagine the surprise (and delight) of opening a gift box to discover such magnificent beauty inside?

You select the rose arrangement you prefer to convey your deepest sentiments. Did you know, you can even choose contrasting colored roses for the display. Purchase a large bouquet to spell out someone’s initials in contrasting colors of blooms, for example. This sweet gesture pleases gift recipients.

When Should You Send Someone Roses in a Box?

When should you send someone the gift of Roses in a Box? This selection fits too many special occasions to possibly list all of them. Just consider a few of the fun celebrations when people order Roses in a Box as gifts:

  • Valentines Day;
  • Mothers Day;
  • Fathers Day;
  • Earth Day;
  • New Years Day;
  • Easter;
  • Birthdays;
  • The Birth of a Baby;
  • A Baptism;
  • A Graduation;
  • A Theatrical or Film Premiere;
  • The Opening (or Re-opening) of a Business;
  • An Engagement;
  • A Wedding;
  • An Anniversary;
  • A First Date, and More!

Three Uniquely Sized Bouquets

We offer three basic sizes of boxes, designed to fit an enclosed floral display. Any of these selections will raise someone’s spirits. Your gift recipient will appreciate knowing your kind sentiments.

Most roses in a box come in any of these sizes:

  • A box with a single rose;
  • A box filled with 16 roses;
  • A box containing a huge bouquet of 40 roses.

The Timeless Meanings (And Symbolism) of Roses

For thousands of years, people have sent roses as gifts. Over time, a lot of symbolism developed in Western cultures around the colors of the flowers. You might choose to draw upon these rich traditions in bestowing Roses in a Box upon someone special.

For example, select deep red roses to convey sentiments of love, undying passion, and affection. A bouquet of red roses expresses romance like few other flowers. A single red rose supplies an eloquent, yet sophisticated, message. Demonstrate how you feel about someone else, even when words seem inadequate.

To express sentiments of pure, spiritual love, white roses hold few equals. They perfectly capture the beauty of the universe in the form of a flower. Send white roses to express your love of innocence and virtue. They supply lovely Mothers Day or Fathers Day gifts, for example.

Do you feel joy and happiness in a friendship? Then fine yellow roses may embody this happy sentiment. People sometimes send yellow roses to express their joy when a friend recovers from an illness or resumes a job after a period of absence. Bouquets of yellow roses may indicate a fresh, new beginning.

To express sentiments of fascination, consider bright orange roses. They also convey enthusiasm.

Does your heart long for someone else’s affection, sweetness, and friendship? The beauty of bright pink roses fits this mood. Many people send pink roses to celebrate the birth of a baby girl.

Place Your Order Conveniently

Many flower shops accept orders for roses in a box conveniently online on a 24/7 basis. Send this lovely gift to someone you love conveniently at any hour. The beauty of fresh, fragrant roses delights recipients around the world!

This timeless gift expresses deep love and affection far more effectively than words alone. Consider sharing a beautiful box of roses with someone soon! We await your orders.