Purple Roses: Purple Rose Bouquets

Purple Roses
Purple roses have a fascinating history and tell an intense and romantic story. Sending roses, through a purple roses delivery service, indicates that you are creative, out of the box thinker who possesses incredibly deep feelings. While a bouquet of roses is always a special treat, a bouquet of purple roses is so unique and means so much more than a generic bouquet of flowers.

Purple roses arrangement is very symbolic and they showcase the complex and intense feelings of the sender. The purple-colored rose is challenging to find, and it can communicate a very deep meaning to the recipient. Truly, purple roses demonstrate love in a very unique and effective way.

Historically speaking, the color purple has always symbolized majesty, royalty and an instant enchantment, and even the different shades of purple have distinct meanings. Today, the meaning of a lighter purple bouquet of roses is love at first sight or enchantment at first sight. A darker shade of purple indicates a long-lasting, deep and true love. The darker purple roses also symbolize elegance and luxury. Blue roses are also considered to be a part of the purple rose family but are not found in nature. All blue roses contain dye of some kind. Due to the fact that they are not found naturally, a blue rose signifies mystery, wonder or the unattainable.

When to Send a Purple Roses Arrangement
There are not many recipients that you would send a purple rose bouquet, it is such a powerful statement! It would only be considered appropriate to send a bouquet of light purple roses without thorns if you have met and fallen in love with someone almost instantly, truly love at first sight! A regular bouquet of light purple or lavender roses signifies that you are enchanted with someone and the possibility of shared mystical love. Due to the unique color and challenge of finding a purple rose, many do not understand the meaning or significance of a bouquet of purple roses. Including a card with the arrangement can clarify your meaning, while opting not to send a card will intensify the mystery of the gift.

It is appropriate to send a darker purple rose bouquet to someone that you love deeply, and have loved for a long time. This is not celebrating new love; rather it is acknowledging a deep, long-lasting or eternal love. Deep purple roses are often seen at anniversary events past the 25-year mark. Darker purple roses also symbolize elegance and luxury, due to the flower’s rarity. Darker purple roses would be appropriate for Mother’s Day, anniversary celebrations, Valentine’s Day, and any special day that you and the recipient have celebrated together for a significant amount of time.

It can be challenging to find purple roses for sale, and purple roses delivery options can be even more difficult to locate. Fortunately, there are several online brokers and ways to order even the most spectacular bouquets without leaving your home, through online florists and delivery services. It is even possible to specify for international delivery of a rose bouquet, depending on a specific location.

History of Purple Roses
Purple roses were first introduced in the 1800s, and due to their rarity and popularity, they have always had an air of sophistication and mystery surrounding them. Purple roses were cultivated by Dutch horticulturists, using a traditional European rose and hybridizing it with a rose from China. The resulting color was a pastel purple hue. Initially, they could not be found in the wild, but after centuries of cultivation, purple roses now do grow wild in nature. The shades range from a very light pastel color to a deep, almost burgundy-purple color.

How Many Purple Roses Should You Send?
In addition to the color of your roses being significant, the number you choose to send also has meaning. Sending a single purple rose not only depicts love, but also a deep devotion and thankfulness. A bouquet of 12 purple roses demonstrates a deep desire to be loved and adored. A bouquet of 36 roses is an assurance to the recipient that they are loved, truly and deeply.

Sending a bouquet of roses is an investment in your relationship. Roses share meaning that may be difficult to convey using words. Finding purple roses for sale, especially in smaller markets and out of season, is nearly impossible. Using an online source to locate the perfect purple rose to elegantly express your feelings for your loved ones is a great investment for your relationship, as well as being a wise use of time and resources. Delivery options for when you are unable to spend a special day with your loved one ensures that regardless of distance, your beloved is secure in your love for them. International delivery options ensure that wherever you are, and wherever your loved one is, they can receive the beautiful outward expression of your profound feelings for them.

If you need help choosing a bouquet of roses for that special someone in your life, feel free to contact florists for more information on purple roses delivery or international delivery for all floral arrangements.

Bottom Line

A delivery of perfect purple roses will convey your love effectively, no matter the distance between you. A bouquet of purple roses conveys a powerful meaning and sentiment that will last forever, long after the blooms fall away. This elegant investment in your relationship will help it bloom, grow and flourish.