Rainbow Roses: Rainbow Rose Bouquets

Rainbow Roses

You may love the beauty and incredibly unique appeal of rainbow roses, but you will never be able to reproduce their appearance in your home garden no matter how green your thumb is. This is because the loveliest bouquet of roses is not naturally occurring. Instead, rainbow roses for sale have been artificially altered to make the literal rainbow of happiness that comes with every one of their flowers. The majority of rainbow roses for sale come complete with blue, pink, orange, yellow and green shades in every petal.

Making People Happy With Rainbow Colored Roses

Peter’s success lay in taking a white Dutch Vendela variety of rose and cutting the stem into sections with precise care. He would then place each piece of the stem in a different vase of water that contained a specially chosen colored dye. The rose would then soak up the water, enabling the petals to absorb the dye. When the water evaporated, only the dye stayed behind.

In this way, the petals become transformed into beautiful and bright stunning colors. It is a 12 to 24 hour long process that works to make any colors excluding white or black. His original happiness roses included the full seven colors naturally found in the rainbow.

This process to utilize dyes in order to color fresh cut flowers (not naturally occurring colors) is nothing new. Blue roses were the original creation and are still among the most frequently ordered examples of such beautiful roses. Flower growers can similarly utilize the process to color hydrangeas, carnations, chrysanthemums, and orchids.

Rainbow Roses’ Meaning and Symbolism

For anyone seeking out an appropriate floral gift that is both beautiful and guaranteed to instill joy in the heart of the recipient, look no further than rainbow roses. Their vibrant and incredible color mix causes an immediate smile to appear on anyone’s face who is fortunate enough to get them.

These flowers are cheerfully known by their other names of kaleidoscope roses and happy roses with good reason. The one of a kind flowers stay in your mind for every kind of imaginable good reason. Rainbow roses come complete with the best mix of rainbow colors on every petal. They assure instant joy as a gift to anyone old or young on nearly every memorable occasion.

Special Meanings of Rainbow Colored Roses

Rainbow roses have always stood for joy and happiness thanks to their multiple colored stunning petals. Because of the wild array of bright colors, the recipient feels an overwhelming sense of fun and brightness. These are the ultimate in flowers to consummate such joyous occasions as anniversaries, birthdays, or even the birth of a new baby.

Anyone sending flowers to a friend or loved one as a gift should understand the meanings underlying the various flower color choices. Every rose color possesses its own one of a kind meaning. Take red for example; it stands for passionate love and intense romance. Light pink means admiration and affection, while white symbolizes sympathy or purity and innocence.

History of Rainbow Roses

The artistic genius Peter van de Werken of the Netherlands claims the original creation of the rainbow roses arrangement. This Dutch flower grower was also a nursery shop owner. One day as his mono-colored flower sales continued to slowly decline, he had the sudden inspiration to try out a new concept. Luckily for Peter, he had a background in science. He started his experiments using natural dyes to color flowers. Peter attempted to spray them initially then switched over to using colored dyes in water. It took him a long six months to perfect the method. He started the original rainbow roses production in the year 2005. The rainbow roses arrangement was born. To date, literally millions of these incredible rainbow roses delivery have shipped out for international delivery to brighten women’s days.

When to Send a Purple Roses Arrangement

There are always plenty of good occasions on which to send these lovely rainbow roses. They are terrific gifts to family and friends on special days. We look at some of the best dates for sending rainbow roses to express thanks, congratulate, or celebrate.


There is little that will convey congratulations more memorably than a dozen happy rainbow roses. It does not matter whether the recipient has just turned 21 or 100, the stunning bright colors only increase the festivities and fun for any special birthday party.


No one will argue that red roses are the king of hot romance. For a change though, rainbow roses convey love and happiness ideally and uniquely. They are the most standout and memorable means of saying, “I love you.”

Mother’s Day

For anyone seeking something extra special for celebrating their mom, the kaleidoscope rainbow roses do the job of brightening her special day. What could be happier than getting a dozen rainbow colored roses after all?

Graduation Celebration

There is no better way to express your pride in your son, daughter, nephew, or niece on their day of graduation than by sending them the phenomenal colors of the rainbow roses in a bouquet. They make the most memorable of congratulatory gifts that you can possibly send someone.

New Baby Arrival

What better way to greet the arrival of the newest member of a family than with the unforgettable colors found only in the rainbow? A dozen happy roses is sure to brighten up the hospital room and is the ideal method for congratulating the new mom and dad on their new bundle of joy by sending your own unique bundle of joy.

How Many Rainbow Roses Should You Send?
In addition to the color of your roses being significant, the number you choose to send also has meaning. Sending a single rainbow rose not only depicts love, but also a deep devotion and thankfulness. A bouquet of 12 rainbow roses demonstrates a deep desire to be loved and adored. A bouquet of 36 roses is an assurance to the recipient that they are loved, truly and deeply.

If you need help choosing a bouquet of roses for that special someone in your life, feel free to contact florists for more information on purple roses delivery or international delivery for all floral arrangements.

Bottom Line

For anyone interested in brightening up a person’s day, it is a challenge to come up with a more unforgettable gift than a rainbow roses delivery arranged as a beautiful bouquet of roses. They are available for domestic or international delivery these days. The appropriate occasions to send them run the gamut from birthday to graduation to anniversary. Receiving a bunch of rainbow roses is undoubtedly a guaranteed way to make your recipient smile and feel appreciated and loved.