How to decorate you home with house plants

Decorating in plants comes from the idea that what really makes a room come together lies in the details. The design details include all of the little things. What color of lamp shades you use and where you place your favorite tea set will all affect the mood of a room in their own ways. It’s easy enough to try and mix and match until you find the right combination that works for you, sure. However, when it comes to decorating your abode using a careful assortment of flora and fauna, there is a certain art to the method that can be more deeply explored.

Too Much of a Good Thing
How much is too much? Unless you’re planning on dedicating an entire room to becoming your live-in topiary, there can be a point where accumulating too many plants in one space can create the illusion of clutter. Green is a fabulous color to break up a more grey space, but there does come a point where too many plants in one spot can overwhelm the balance of a room’s look. If you have too many plants, due to housewarming gifts from well meaning friends and family, then do not despair. There are plenty of ideas to space out plants, no matter how many you have dwelling within the home.

Useful Surfaces
Tables are quite possibly the most useful surface to place a plant. If you need more space, try opting for skinny tables made from wood pallets and line them along the side of your home in areas that are appropriate for that specific plant. If you live in a much warmer area, then placing the plants that need the most sunlight outdoors is naturally going to be the ideal situation. If you have only limited space on your porch or back seating area, then creating some tables that are sat in a row, with the rows rising a bit more to the back, can create ample space to place all of your beloved plants in one space.

Indoor Solutions
On the other hand, if you are the owner of a ton of plants that absolutely need to be placed indoors, then you will want to make a design plan that is set to accommodate those needs of your plants. Floating shelves are a truly modern way to add to your decor by providing a place for all of these plants to go. Shelves are safer for plants indoors, since they keep plants far away from the reach of pets, children, and accidental bum bumps. Shelves make use of the space of a room by elevating objects, such as plants, vertically. Doing so can make a room feel larger, more cozier, and full of more life. It takes advantage of large expanses of empty wall space, while providing a practical purpose for your space saving requirements.

Hanging Out
Aside from the two most common ways to decorate using plants, hanging your plants is the third most common method. By hanging plants in your home, what you’re doing is adding a unique element that can really add to the overall feeling of any room in a home. Hanging plants are appropriate for any plants that look great when hanging over the sides, such as most ferns and spider plants. If you have any plants with vines, then hanging them near an entrance or window can create a stunning and romantic appearance to that area. Regular ceiling hooks can be used to hang an assortment of hangers that can be handmade or purchased through most home and garden retailers. When doing this method, just be sure to install the hooks into the beams of your ceiling, rather than only into the sheet rock.

Get Creative
Apart from shelves, wall mounted items are a funky method that can take some experimenting to really get right. Even so, the results of a well placed object that has been mounted into the wall can be absolutely stunning. If you have any random items made of wood or lighter metals with enough space to hold the plant that you are intending to put on display, then this method may be just the thing you’ve been looking for the add some spice to your newly renovated deck.