Green Roses Meaning and Symbolism

There is something magical about roses of unusual colors. Given that red or pink roses tend to be the most common types of roses we see, possibly followed in popularity by yellow or white roses, it’s nothing short of magical to see a green rose. It is precisely because they are not common in nature that they mesmerize us so much. It turns out that the symbolism of these green beauties is just as fascinating as their other counterparts.

Green Roses Symbolism Explained

In ancient traditions, the color green is a symbol of fertility, and this is a common interpretation of the green rose, too. Its delicate petals promise abundance, as well as new beginnings. They are the true embodiment of spring’s freshness and beauty. Anyone who embraces the green rose embraces wellness and well-being.

Green is a symbol of both healing and love in certain healing traditions and roses are symbolic of love. Taken together, a bouquet of these green flowers may be just the thing you need to balance out your kidneys or your heart if they feel off balance. Truly, green is the color of harmony.

Green roses are also symbolic of the self-respect that we have for ourselves. There can also be a negative aspect to this, which is that a green rose can also represent envy. However, the positive aspect of the green rose far outweighs any negative that could be associated with it.

The Green Rose for Special Occasions

The red and pink rose are common colors for occasions, like weddings and anniversaries. However, adding touches of complementary colors, like green, can make a wedding or special occasion go from pretty to breathtaking.

While the addition of green in this case often comes from the leaves of the decorative flowers, adding a green rose here and there brings in this color complement, but also an element of surprise.

These roses also invite people to touch and to smell in a way that leaves don’t, making these special occasions a feast for sight, smell and touch.

It’s also important to point out that the color of the green rose is often more subtle, more like a light mint green as opposed to a deep forest green. Companies that do corporate events and trade shows can use a backdrop made of green roses combined with flowers of another color because these roses are subtle and understated. They’re unusual enough for people to notice them but are not so bright that they would be inappropriate for a business setting.

Green Roses as Gifts

Given the green rose’s association with youth and fertility, they make excellent gifts to give to expectant mothers. It’s a thoughtful way to bestow good tidings on the mom-to-be but in a subtle way. Because these types of roses are so unusual, it isn’t likely that your gift recipient will not forget them.

There is also the cool factor that’s associated with the green rose. Because of this, they make it an excellent choice to add to a bouquet for St. Patrick’s Day or even Easter.

And of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to send a bouquet of these beauties just because. They’re thoughtful, smell lovely and brighten up any room they’re added to.

In fact, if you’d like to start a new tradition with your intended, why not make the green rose your flower? You’ll be creating a tradition that means something specific to the two of you. Thus sending a single green rose or sending 10 of them will continue to hold special meaning to both of you in the years to come.

Final Thoughts on Green Roses Symbolism

The symbolism of the green rose is one of harmony, abundance, healing, and love. These stunning and unusual flowers stand out because they’re not very common. This makes them memorable.

They’re also excellent choices to purchase as single gifts for occasions, like St. Patrick’s Day, or for big events, like a wedding or a corporate trade show. Finally, to truly make a bouquet of these roses stand out, mix them in with flowers of complementary colors.