Is a rose flower?

The rose flower is one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers in the world and considered by many as the number-one floral gift. For more than 2,500 years, the rose has been a symbol of the human condition and that is even true today. In general, the rose represents love, new beginnings, and hope, but each color or type of rose has special meaning too.
Are Roses Flowers With Significance?
Since Ancient Greece, roses have held special significance. During the Middle Ages, people hung roses above a table or sitting room, which meant that everyone sitting beneath the roses was sworn to secrecy, hence the word sub rosa. Tarot cards use white roses four times to signify purity and clarity of mind. Today, the symbolism of roses depends on the color and number of roses given.
The Symbolism of the Rose Flower
In most cases, roses symbolize love in its many forms. Here are the most common meanings:
• Red is the color of romance and love. It is the most popular color given on Valentine’s Day.
• Pink is the color for gratitude, joy, and admiration
• Yellow is the color for friendship
• Orange is the color for passion and enthusiasm
• White is still the color for purity and innocence
Combinations of colors also have meanings such as yellow and white for harmony, red and white for unity and red and orange for congratulations.
The number of flowers you give also sends a message. Here you can decide what you want to say and how to say it:
• For love at first sight, a single rose
• For deep, shared love, two roses
• For those three little words ‘I love you’, three roses
• For I want to be yours, six roses
• For infatuation with someone, seven roses
• For eternal love, nine roses
• For perfection, 10 roses
• For ‘be mine’, a perfect dozen and ‘I’m yours’ two dozen
• For a friend forever, 13 roses
• For congratulations, 25 roses
Are Roses Flowers With a Variety of Colors and Shapes?
There are 150 main species of roses and several thousand hybrids. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Roses are a woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa and the family Rosaceae. They are all shrubs but some standis a rose flower up and some are climbing plants that are often seen on trellises. Most rose bushes have prickles in the stems that are commonly called thorns.

The size also varies from tiny tea roses to large blossoms. Some have single petals and some double or multiple petals. All the petals are soft. Throughout history, the rose has held a special place. In Ancient Greece, Rome, Germany, Britain, Christian symbolism, Persia and even as the floral emblem of the United States roses are glorified. Rose petals are safe to eat and may be found in salads and desserts.
Why Roses Make the Perfect Gift
Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are all important times to send roses as a gift. Other times that are good, but often overlooked are housewarmings and Friendship Day. A man sending roses to a woman may be the most common stereotype, but for a housewarming or simply to express friendship, a woman can send roses to a man.

Gifting one or several roses is always a good idea. It allows you to express feelings without words and are, almost, always welcome. They never go out of style, and with so many varieties from which to choose, you can give exactly the color and number that will please the recipient. Roses are available all year round and suitable for every season.