Red Roses Meaning

As many of you know, red roses have traditionally been used to express the love that the giver has for the recipient. The meaning is much deeper if you know what you are looking for. A rose’s color, its variety, as well as the number of roses given have deloped into an unspoken language. Let’s take a closer look at the red rose and discover what you can say with the color and the arrangement.

A Look At The Red Rose Through History

Evidence suggests that roses have been around for 35 million years. Some of the earliest examples of humans using roses would be gardens found along well-traveled paths shortly after the neolithic revolution. While the exact meaning of these plots is not understood, it shows our fascination with the rose from these nomadic times.

In Greek and Roman civilizations the red rose was often associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. As a matter of fact, Cleopatra filled her quarters with rose petals so that Marc Anthony would remember her each time he smelled a rose. Emperor Nero would dump petals on dinner guests. The Romans cultivated it and newly married couples would often wear them as crowns.

During medieval times roses were attributed with the ability to cure all sorts of diseases. They were turned into jellies, oils, and powders. During the War of the Roses (1455-1487) the House of York used a white rose as their symbol while the House of Lancaster made use of the red rose. Henry VII won the war and combined the roses into the English rose when he married a daughter from the defeated House of York.

What Does It Mean To Give And Receive A Rose?

A person who gives a red rose to another is signaling their love and admiration for those they give the roses to. Accepting the rose or roses with the right hand is an affirmation of the love and agreement with the sender. Conversely, accepting them with the left hand is a sign of disagreement.

Red roses during a time of mourning

Red roses can be given at a funeral to show as a sign of courage or of gratitude. They can also represent deep love or admiration for someone who has passed away.

The Meanings Behind The Colors

You might be surprised to find that shades of red can also convey different meanings to the person receiving your roses.

A red rosebud can symbolize young love. It can also indicate innocence, purity, as well as beauty. The color of burgundy has come to symbolize a love that has yet to be expressed in return.

A brighter red is used to indicate romance while a deeper red is meant to show a deeper level of emotion that comes with time. This deeper color has also been known to symbolize regret and sorrow should the occasion warrant it. A deep red can also suggest that the giver is ready to take things to the next level in a relationship.

When red roses are placed in a bridal bouquet it is supposed to represent blissfulness in the marriage.

Red Roses Symbolize Special Occasions

Red roses are reserved to show appreciation on special occasions, just as they are reserved for the special someone in your heart. Traditional times for giving red roses include:

  • Engagements – As a symbol of the love between partners
  • Anniversary – To highlight the continued attraction and desire for a spouse
  • St. Valentine’s Day – A perfect gift for the holiday of love
  • Special Occasions – Given at times when a spouse needs a reminder of love and devotion

The Number Of Roses Has Meaning As Well

A single rose can say “You are the one,” while two red roses signal mutual love. A traditional one-month anniversary is marked by a gift of three roses. Receiving six roses indicates that someone is infatuated with you while a bouquet of 10 roses showcases a love that is perfection in the eyes of the giver.

11 red roses communicate that you are the treasured one, while the traditional dozen roses ask “would you be mine?” If you find yourself in the doghouse you might consider sending 15 red roses to say sorry in a way that words cannot convey. Receiving two-dozen roses shows that the sender is saying, “I’m yours.”

If you want to really wow someone and show them that you are head over heels in love with them, do it by sending a bouquet of 36 red roses. Finally, a gift of 50 red roses is given when you wish to show that special someone that your love has no bounds!