Should I send her flowers after a breakup

Giving flowers to someone is always a meaningful gesture, so it is important to proceed with caution after a breakup. Though some people would advise completely cutting off an ex right after a breakup, it is actually more common than you would think to send flowers to ex-partners. Is this actually a good idea though? The answer to whether or not you should send flowers after a breakup will depend on your unique situation.

When Is It a Good Idea to Send Flowers to Your Ex?

Of course, the most common reason people start sending flowers to their ex is that they want to start up their relationship again. Flowers can be a very sensitive and caring way of telling someone how much they mean to you. Sending a person flowers can be a way of opening up communication with them again. It tells your ex that you are ready to talk to them and that you have important things to discuss.

You may also want to give your ex flowers if you are apologizing for something. A beautiful bouquet can be a great way of telling a person that you regret your past actions and want to tell them you’re sorry. If the relationship ended due to you being stubborn or behaving badly, a gift of flowers can be a great way of telling your ex you’ve changed. Though flowers alone cannot make up for you hurting an ex, they are a great start.

Another reason to send flowers to girlfriend maybe if the relationship ended mutually and you want to let your ex know you are thinking of them in this difficult time. Even if you do not want to get back together with your ex, flowers can be a way of acknowledging your shared past, thanking them for the time spent together, and hoping you and your partner can find joy in the future.

When Should You Skip Sending Flowers?

As you can see, sending flowers is typically an appropriate and caring gesture after a relationship ends. However, this doesn’t mean that you should send flowers every time you break up Flowers are an intense and meaningful present. Therefore, you probably shouldn’t be sending flowers out to people you had a one night stand with. In general, save them for after the end of an official relationship.

Another thing to consider is that sending flowers is seen as a form of contacting the other person, just like a visit or a call. Therefore, sending flowers can make some people end up feeling harassed. This can become a problem especially if you send them multiple flower arrangements. If your partner has made it clear they never want to hear from you again, respect their wishes.

Finally, remember that sending flowers is always an intimate gesture. If you are in a relationship with someone else, your current partner might be a bit annoyed to find out you decided to send flowers to ex-partners. Likewise, if your ex is dating someone else, you should keep in mind that their new partner might be bothered.

How to Pick the Right Floral Arrangement After a Breakup

The right way to send flowers to your ex will depend on what your intentions are.

Sending Flowers Without Making Things Romantic

So is it possible to give an ex flower as an “I’m sorry” or a “Hope you’re doing okay” without making it seem like you’re trying to get back together with them? The answer is “yes,” but you have to be careful. Most of the time, flowers are seen as an automatically romantic gesture, so you need to clarify your intentions.

First of all, start with a note that clearly expresses your intentions. Aim for something caring and thoughtful without sounding like you want to reopen a romantic conversation. Say you’re sorry for anything you may have done to hurt your ex’s feelings, thank them for the time you spent together, and wish them the best for their future in a brief note, and leave it at that.

Second, you need to think carefully about the flowers themselves. Generally, anything with a pink or red hue can seem romantic, especially roses. You should also avoid anything pricey or gigantic, which can make it seem like you’re trying to win the person back. When in doubt, check a flower’s meaning to make sure you aren’t accidentally sending your ex any hidden messages. Some potential good choices include daffodils, daisies, yellow roses, and alstroemeria.

Winning Back Your Ex With Flowers

When you want to get your partner back with flowers, go ahead and pull out all the stops. This is not the time to get a single rosebud delivered to your ex. Instead, go for something that looks impressive without being too showy. Red roses may be a good choice of something to send flowers to a girlfriend if your ex likes traditionally romantic things. Some other romantic and less obvious options include tulips, orchids, lilies, peonies, and ranunculus. If you know your ex has a favorite flower, now’s the time to send it.

Remember that flowers alone usually aren’t enough to win someone back, no matter how gorgeous the bouquet is. Instead, your actions will make a big difference. If you and your ex ended things on relatively good terms, the best bet is to show up with the flowers yourself. This lets you make a caring gesture and ask your ex to hear you out. Just make sure you pick a time when they’re at home since delivering flowers at work can turn the whole situation awkward.

In cases where the relationship ended in a bad place, showing up uninvited might seem a little creepy or overbearing to your ex-partner. In these cases, flowers sent without your presence can be a way of testing the waters without pushing your ex’s boundaries. Write a thoughtful note making it clear you’d love to talk in person and would like to consider making the relationship work again.