Single White Rose Meaning and Symbolism

Finding the perfect rose or flower to gift can be difficult. There is a countless array of rose colors available, including rainbow roses. Recently, boxes and other formations of flowers have become more popular, but a single rose can send a short and sweet message or maybe more fit for the occasion.

The meaning of a single white rose is known by many as a representation of tenderness, love, peace, hope, and harmony. As with all white flowers, it can also represent purity. White roses are also commonly used as funeral flowers. Under these circumstances, they can mean several different things. Among the most popular of these is related to a celebration or the afterlife.

In funerals, white roses (like the color white) are meant to symbolize a combination of somberness and joy. Their simple, quiet beauty can be perceived as a form of remembrance. In this regard, they are seen as a way to celebrate that the person who has passed has been released from their earthly life and into something free of pain, misery, and suffering. Similar to how they can represent purity, white roses are used to portray the purity of the deceased’s next life once they have been reincarnated.

Due to this representation of “newness,” white roses may also be an appropriate way to bid someone farewell. For example, if someone is moving or leaving a job, they are enjoying a new beginning.

When they are given or gifted in a romantic relationship, they can represent beauty itself or the declaration of new, fresh love. Beyond this, they are often used as wedding flowers in order to represent a new beginning and/ or unity. Their color and relation to purity also give a nod to youth, which one may assume is related to young love. A white rose may also be gifted by a romantic partner as a form of apology or asking for a “clean slate”.

One red rose was originally used as a symbol of love but was eventually replaced by the use of one red rose. In today’s time, this can be denoted by a red rose emoji. The red rose emoji is a text emoticon that is commonly used in place of giving or sending flowers. Red roses are still used to express love but are now regarded as more sensual or having stronger meaning than white roses.

Interestingly, white roses are also a popular symbol in Yorkshire. Today, the streets and coat of arms are decorated with the “White Rose of York”. It has become well known for its connection to the area, and Yorkshire even celebrates a “White Rose Day”. The connection between the two remains relatively unknown, but it’s likely that the flower was introduced during the Victorian era and was popularized during the 19th century. Some believe it was brought into the picture by the first Duke of Yorkshire.

Medicinal Value of White Roses
Aside from their visual appeal, many claim that there are medicinal uses for white roses as well. Of these are to alleviate menstrual pain and to boost the immune system. The most common way to administer white roses as medicine is as a rose tea. They are also known to improve the health of skin and hair. Like many teas, it can also be used to relieve a sore throat, relax anxiety, and improve digestion. According to multiple studies, roses contain microbial compounds. These have been shown to inhibit bacterial infections such as E. Coli. Although it has not been proven, many people claim that white rose tea may be effective in fighting cancer and work as an anti-inflammatory.

Being that they are free of color, white roses force one to pay attention to their details and natural shape. Due to their simple nature and rich symbolism, white roses are a popular gift. They are most commonly given as anniversary or Valentine’s day gifts but are also common for christenings, weddings, and funerals. Unlike carnations and red roses, there is not a common or “written in stone” interpretation of white roses. This makes them the perfect gift for any occasion, not just its most popular uses.