Which State Produces the Most Roses Every Year for Valentine Day

Presenting flowers to celebrate special events is an American tradition with Valentine’s Day being the top day for giving opulent bouquets of red roses to those you love.

So, where in America do all the roses sold in retail shops and online grow?

While there are growers all across the United States, California is the top state for producing roses, with 60 percent of the total. Florida, Texas, and North Carolina are other top producers, with small local growers filling in the difference.

Roses of all shades are a staple in the floral industry and a customer favorite to express a specific meaning without having to use words, which make them even more unique.

Rose Meaning and Symbolism

Since ancient times, Romans and Greeks symbolized passion and love with roses and confidentiality.

Venus, the goddess of love, is often associated with red roses, which reinforces their standing as the most meaningful flower to offer around Valentine’s Day or other special occasions.

Roses of all colors have meanings that allow givers to personalize their gift of flowers even more.

Rose colors and their meanings

Most people buy roses in a color to convey a message without saying a word such as:

  • Red – Passion, true love, desire, romance
  • White – Innocence, purity, youthfulness
  • Yellow – Friendship, affection, joy, luck
  • Pink – Elegance, femininity, sweetness, refinement
  • Lavender – Enchantment, mystery, wonder
  • Ivory – Charm, thoughtfulness, perfection, gracefulness
  • Orange – Energy, desire, admiration, fascination
  • Peach – Modesty, gratitude, sincerity
  • Blue – Mysteriousness, unnattainable, impossibility
  • Black – Mourning, death, rebirth

Along with color, a giver of roses can convey sentiment by the number of stems in the bouquet.

A single stem symbolizes love at first sight, six stems mean infatuation, and a dozen stems means “please be mine.” Bouquets of two dozen or more indicate a loyal love full of dedication and passion.

When to Send a Rose Bouquets

Sending a rose bouquet elevates the meaning of special events. While Valentine’s Day is number one for gifting roses, they are also well-received for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, new babies, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Another favorite way to express your feelings with roses is celebrating a promotion, new job, say thank you, or let friends or family in mourning or experiencing difficult times know you are thinking of them.

The hardiness of rose flowers allows sellers to ship bouquets for both national or international delivery. With professional packaging by sellers, customers can purchase and send gorgeous bouquets nearly anywhere in the world and have them arrive fresh.

How many roses are sold over a three day period around valentine’s day?

Roses are a year-round flower shop staple, but around Valentine Day, you may wonder how many roses shops sell to fulfill the demand of gift-givers both locally and for national or international delivery.

The answer is astonishing! Within the three days around Valentine’s day, 110 million roses sell annually in the US. Most of these are red roses, which heightens the feeling of love and passion that surrounds this special day.