Yellow Roses: Yellow Rose Bouquets

Yellow Roses

The color yellow has long been associated with cheerfulness and joy, so it shouldn’t come as a great shock that yellow roses are often used to convey the same emotions. Beyond that, however, yellow roses are typically used to symbolize strong friendship, platonic love, and a feeling of family with the ones around you.

On the other hand, the yellow rose can also be used to symbolize jealousy or envy. In Victorian England or in many Germanic cultures today, a single yellow rose was a powerful sign that someone envied your success or happiness, especially if the thorns were still attached.

A bouquet of roses with a bright yellow hue is a perfect gift for a friend or a loved one who may be going through a rough time at the moment. Similarly, if you just want a way to let someone close to you know how much they are loved, a bouquet of roses can make a wonderful token of appreciation for just about anyone in your life.

One of the difficulties of finding that perfect gift, however, can be finding the right flowers. It can sometimes be challenging to find yellow roses for sale, especially if you don’t have a local florist nearby that you like to use. Fortunately, in this day and age, it’s relatively easy to find a yellow roses arrangement online that can be delivered to the lucky recipient!

How Many Yello Roses Should You Send?
In addition to the color of your roses being significant, the number you choose to send also has meaning. Sending a single yellow rose not only depicts love, but also a deep devotion and thankfulness. A bouquet of 12 Yellow roses demonstrates a deep desire to be loved and adored. A bouquet of 36 roses is an assurance to the recipient that they are loved, truly and deeply.

If you need help choosing a bouquet of roses for that special someone in your life, feel free to contact florists for more information on purple roses delivery or international delivery for all floral arrangements.

Bottom Line

A delivery of perfect yellow roses will convey your love effectively, no matter the distance between you. A bouquet of yellow roses conveys a powerful meaning and sentiment that will last forever, long after the blooms fall away. This elegant investment in your relationship will help it bloom, grow and flourish.