White Rose Meaning

Do you have any interest in the language of flowers? Also known as floriography, the language of flowers has been used by many cultures to ascribe meanings to different flowers and different colors of flowers. Even the way the flowers are arranged and delivered can convey different meanings! With flowers, you can communicate nearly any sentiment and combine flowers in a bouquet to communicate more complex ideas.

So, what is the meaning of a white rose? Do white roses make a good gift? If so, when is it appropriate to send white roses? Here’s what you should know about white rose meanings.

What Is the Meaning of a White Rose?

Roses are often associated with romance and love as well as confidentiality, hence the term “sub rosa” or “under the rose” which has been used for thousands of years. The meaning of a rose varies a great deal depending on its color, however. While red roses are used to convey romantic love, the meaning of a white rose is very different.

White roses are often used to represent innocent, youth, and purity. That’s why they’re common in bridal bouquets to symbolize young or new love. For many, the white rose is a symbol of a new beginning. It’s no surprise that June, the most popular month for weddings, is also National Rose Month. The tradition of carrying white roses down the aisle started with Queen Victoria’s 1840 wedding and continues to this day.

Ivory roses, which are very close to white roses, may symbolize charm, grace, and perfection. You can safely gift someone you care for a bouquet of ivory roses without worrying about sending any romantic intentions.

White roses can also have a very different meaning: reverence, spirituality, sympathy, and honor. They’re a fitting inclusion in a memorial for a loved one who has passed away or a sympathy bouquet for someone who has lost someone they love. Other traditional funeral and sympathy flowers include lilies, which symbolize the soul of the departed, carnations, white orchids, and, in some cultures, chrysanthemums.

The spiritual symbolism of the white rose is also well established. In Christianity, white roses are often associated with the Virgin Mary who has been called the Mystical Rose of Heaven. In Christianity, the white rose can symbolize glory, joy, purity, and light.

White roses have held special meaning since ancient times. To the Romans, white roses were associated with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. It was said that all roses in the world were white until she pricked her finger on a thorn and turned them red. In the Victorian era, male suitors typically sent a bouquet of white roses to someone they wanted to pursue to begin a courtship.

When Should You Gift White Roses?

There are many occasions when it’s suitable to gift someone white roses. Here are just some of the best situations in which you can send someone you care about a bouquet of fresh white roses.

  • New romance. If you aren’t ready for marriage but want to commemorate a new relationship, a bouquet of white roses is perfect.
  • Gift for christening, confirmation, and baptism. White flowers with their symbolism of purity and spirituality can be a perfect gift for a baptism, christening, or Catholic confirmation.
  • Thank you gift. Don’t want to send the wrong message when thanking someone for a gift, card, or favor? An arrangement of white roses can be a great option that’s sure to be appreciated.
  • Gift of apology. Need to say you’re sorry and want to demonstrate your sincerity? Gift a bouquet of white roses to symbolize new beginnings.
  • Sympathy gift. If you want to share your sympathy with someone you care about after they have suffered a loss, white roses on their own or with other popular sympathy flowers can make a meaningful gift. White roses are perfect for somber occasions when you want to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

White roses have many wonderful meanings and make a great gift for many occasions, whether it’s celebrating a significant religious event, sharing sympathy, or communicating your joy and budding love in a new relationship