White Roses: White Rose Bouquets

If you send your love a bouquet of roses, you should know that the flowers themselves carry a message and their meaning may not be the one you intend if you send the wrong color. Flowers have their own language, each type communicating something different.

What is the message of a white roses arrangement? The white rose is usually thought to symbolize purity and innocence, youth and young love. In addition, they are the symbols for loyalty, a new start, and eternal love. Their meaning is the reason they are so often used in bridal bouquets and in bouquets for children.

When to Send White Roses

White roses for sales are grown all over the world, mostly in greenhouses. Distance is no barrier to delivering a message of love and friendship. International delivery can be arranged online or through your local florist.

Traditionally most varieties of white roses have been used at weddings, the symbols of pure, eternal love. But these brilliant, beautiful blooms are also superb as the focus of a multicolored bouquet, lending points of brilliance in sharp contrast to darker colors.

While they are often called the “bridal flower”, a bouquet of pure white roses may be perfect for a budding romance, too. The blooms signify a new beginning, as well as eternal love.

For an important friendship, white roses are often given as gifts because they mean loyalty and trust and an everlasting bond. They convey a strong message about your relationship and could be used on Valentine’s Day, especially with red roses. For Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or for an anniversary of any sort with a close friend or lover, most varieties of white roses are perfect to symbolize loyalty and attachment.

All types of white roses have also been known as the roses of peace and hope. Sending white roses to a lover who is angry with you may be the first step to reconciliation. In recent years, they have come to stand for remembrance and spirituality, making them perfect to express your love and grief at funerals. White roses are a touching tribute to the departed loved one.

History of White Roses

Fossils have given evidence that roses were growing in the wild 35 million years ago. We have been cultivating them for millennia. The white rose was popular in many medieval gardens because it was associated with the Virgin Mary and innocence.

Roses have always been especially popular in Britain and have played a role in British history. In the middle of the fourteenth century, the two branches of the Plantagenet family, the Lancasters and the Yorks spent three decades fighting the War of the Roses until the Lancasters won. Each family chose a rose to represent them: white for the House of York and red for the House of Lancaster. When the leader of the Lancasters, Henry Tudor, became Henry VII of England, he married Elizabeth of York, uniting the families and burying the conflict. The symbol of the union was the Tudor Rose, which is the floral heraldic symbol of England, a white rose in the center of a red.

Varieties of White Roses

Today there are more than 30,000 varieties of roses and a myriad of different types. There are Tea Roses and Hybrid Tea Roses, Climbers, Ramblers, Miniatures, Floribundas, Dwarfs, Shrub Roses, and English Roses, to say nothing of the subdivisions and a multitude of colors. The white rose is very special though. The pure, bright color stands out on a wall, in a garden, and in a bouquet of roses. One of the most popular colors, there are over 3000 types of white roses.

How Many White Roses Should You Send?

Not only do the blooms themselves carry meaning, but the number of roses you send conveys significance as well.
One rose by itself can mean love at first sight or, if the relationship is no longer new, that you are still in love after so many months or years.
Two white roses delivery indicates a bond of mutual love and respect has formed between the two of you. The number also shows that you want that bond to continue and flourish.
A gift of three roses is excellent for the three months or the three year anniversary of your love. This would also be appropriate for other numbers: four roses for four years, eleven roses for eleven years. What could be more wonderful than a huge bouquet of fifty white roses for your fiftieth wedding anniversary?
A bouquet of ten roses proclaims that you think your lover is a perfect “10”.
Twelve roses make up the usual bouquet, conveying the message of love and admiration and your desire.
Thirteen roses may mean eternal friendship, although it can also be a signal to someone that you have been admiring them from afar.
If you need to apologize, fifteen white roses delivery is perfect because the number means that you are sorry.

For each number, white roses are appropriate with their multiple nuances. They can express your feelings perhaps even better than you can. No matter where you are, your loved one can receive the white roses arrangement, symbol of your love, friendship and admiration. White roses for sales are now grown almost exclusively in greenhouses, making them available anywhere, any time of year. No matter how far away you are from the one you love, you can order online, even arranging for international delivery of the flowers.

White roses are a beautiful way to express your deepest emotions of love and admiration.