Black Roses: Black Rose Bouquets

Black Roses

Mysterious and exotic, black roses are one of rarest rose colors. Though it can be hard to find black roses for sale, if you are lucky enough to obtain these flowers, they can make a stunning bouquet of roses for a friend, loved one, or acquaintance. In general, black tends to be a very meaningful color, so it is no surprise that there is a lot of symbolism attached to black roses. For many years, black has been seen as a color of mourning, so it is fairly common for people to associate black roses with tragedy and death. This has also led to some viewing black roses as a sign of threats, revenge, or even hatred. A variety of rebellious and anarchist organizations have gone as far as picking the black rose as their motif.

However, in modern times, black roses are not quite as negative. Though they are still sometimes associated with death, the more angry meanings associated with black roses have started to fade. It is more common for people to just see them as a sign of farewell or permanent goodbye to someone. Black roses can represent someone regretting the loss of a loved one. Since dark colors are also associated with passion and deep feeling, they can be viewed as a symbol of tragic romance and dark love.

However, not every meaning of black roses is negative. Black roses are sometimes viewed as representing a major change or upheaval in one’s life. It can symbolize that there is a new beginning or new era about to happen. Due to their link with death, they are also often associated with goths, punk, and other darker subcultures. A black rose can be viewed as a way of identifying oneself with gothic viewpoints and interests.

When to Send a Black Roses Arrangement?

Black roses might seem a bit uncanny, but they are actually surprisingly versatile. There are all sorts of situations when black roses delivery can be suitable.

Funerals and Memorials

Since black is so heavily associated with mourning and death, black roses can be appropriate at a funeral or memorial. The dark color can help emphasize sadness and sorrow after a loved one has passed away. Even if you cannot make the funeral, an international delivery can tell someone “I’m sorry for your loss” after they lose a loved one.


With their tragic and passionate meaning, a black roses delivery can be a way of telling someone that you regretfully have to say goodbye to them forever. At the end of an intense but unhealthy relationship, black roses can help you express your regrets as you tell a person farewell. With its ability to symbolize change, black roses can also help you wish a person well on their new journey.

Spooky Holidays

When Halloween, the Day of the Dead, or another spooky holiday is just around the corner, black roses can be very appropriate and on-theme. They can be an especially cute way of acknowledging an anniversary or birthday on the special date. Send an international delivery to a friend celebrating the holiday in a foreign country, or use an black roses arrangement as a holiday centerpiece.

Gifts for Unusual Friends

Do you have a friend or loved one who has a bit of a gothic vibe? Those who love vampires, Edgar Allen Poe, and all things eerie may enjoy a beautiful black rose bouquet at any time of the year. Black roses can be a cute corsage to go with a quirky prom dress, or they can be a fun “just because” gift. Not everyone will like black roses, but those that do will really love them! Black roses can be a truly memorable gift for an eccentric loved one because it shows that you appreciate the person’s unique character and think they deserve more than just a standard floral arrangement.

Purple Rose Bouquet Shades

Black might seem like a neutral, but when you look closely, there can be quite a bit of variation in the underlying hues of black roses.Most black roses for sale come in three different shades.

Reddish Black

Whether or not black roses actually exist in nature is up for some debate. Though a few rose growers have claimed to grow a black rose, the reality is that most black roses are actually just a very dark version of a red rose. This leads to a stunning depth of color, with deep, velvety petals that have a tinge of burgundy or crimson at their heart. Some varieties, like the Black Magic or Black Velvet rose look solid black as buds, but they gradually reveal red undertones as they blossom.

Purplish Black

Most black roses are a reddish shade, but there are also black roses that have a bluish, violet, or purplish tint to their petals. These are roses that are essentially a purple so deep they appear black in certain lights. Variants like Black Beauty and Black Bacarra have a cool toned purple hue that makes them look glamorous and elegant when placed in a black rose bouquet. Like reddish roses, purple-black roses are typically blacker when they are buds. As they bloom, edges of flowers remain dark while the center will express more of the underlying color.

True Black

Reddish black and purplish-black roses have their own rich beauty, but what if you want true, deep, night black? This rose color does not grow naturally, but it is possible to find white roses dyed to fit this color. Dyed black roses are the ideal choice when you want a truly gothic black roses arrangement. Their extra-deep colors add lots of drama and magic to any bouquet of roses.

If you need help choosing a bouquet of roses for that special someone in your life, feel free to contact florists for more information on black roses delivery or international delivery for all floral arrangements.

How Many Black Roses Should You Send?
In addition to the color of your roses being significant, the number you choose to send also has meaning. Sending a single black rose not only depicts love, but also a deep devotion and thankfulness. A bouquet of 12 black roses demonstrates a deep desire to be loved and adored. A bouquet of 36 roses is an assurance to the recipient that they are loved, truly and deeply.

If you need help choosing a bouquet of roses for that special someone in your life, feel free to contact florists for more information on black roses delivery or international delivery for all floral arrangements.

Bottom Line

A delivery of perfect black roses will convey your love effectively, no matter the distance between you. A bouquet of black roses convey a powerful meaning and sentiment that will last forever, long after the blooms fall away. This elegant investment in your relationship will help it bloom, grow and flourish.