Valentine’s Roses

It is common knowledge these days that roses remain the most beloved of flowers to send (or to receive as a woman for that matter) as Valentine’s day flowers. The question often arises: which color and how many flowers for Valentines day should you plan to send (if money is no object in particular) for your special Valentines flower delivery? All colors of roses possess special and distinctly subtle meanings that make them ideal in a given situation to send on Valentine’s Day for the different special individual ladies in your own life. This is one of the many reaosns why roses remain the most romantic of Valentines roses delivered in a Valentine day bouquet.

What Are the Valentine Roses?

The best roses for Valentine’s Day, in the end, are the ultimate expression of affection and love. With beautiful red roses, you send a powerful and loud message of deep-seated love or blooming passion. Exotic purple roses convey the feelings of enchantment with a woman that you feel when you are deeply infatuated with her. White variants of the flowers say the word “weddings” better than any other, making them ideal when you become engaged to that one of a kind girl of your dreams. Always remember to order roses for Valentine’s Day for that special woman in your life. It is a gesture that matters hugely to her personally and she will find wonderful ways to reward your thoughtfulness.

When Should You Send Valentine Roses?

You should order and send your best roses for Valentines Day early for several good reasons. On the one hand, the earlier you order these roses, the less money they will cost you. Thanks to fabulous international online flower services, it is now so easy to order ahead so that your local florist who partners with the delivery service is alerted and ready to put together your fresh flowers order.

You can arrange for same day delivery or even last minute delivery this way too of course, but it will cost you considerably more for the convenience of being a last minute rose shopper. Another reason to order early is so that you will have the maximum color availability for your preferred selection. Valentine’s Day roses sell out fast in many years. You do not want to have to go with your second or even third choice of rose color because of untimely procrastination.

How Many Roses Should You Send?

The correct answer that surprises many men ordering roses is that it depends on what subtle message you wish to convey alongside the color scheme choice. Twelve roses are the traditional classic for Valentine’s Day. This number means be mine. With 13 roses you say that “I only want to be friends.” Avoid the baker’s dozen unless you want to be friend zoned by your potential lady love. With 15 roses, you state that “I am sorry.” Twenty-four roses shouts loudly “Baby I’m yours!” Finally, 40 roses declares that your love is real and genuine.

Roses’ Meanings and Symbolisms

Next we look at the favorite colored roses for a Valentine day bouquet, each of which makes the ideal flower gift for the right person and special situation. These include the following color meanings:

  • Valentine’s Red Roses – the traditional symbol of affection and love, red rose bouquets are ideal to send to a young woman whom you recently told “I love you” for the first time
  • Valentine’s Purple Roses – purple roses mean that “I am enchanted with you,” making them ideal for the feelings of newfound and intense infatuation. Such magical feelings arising from a first date or the power of and memory of a first kiss are perfectly remembered and powerfully expressed with a purple roses’ delivery for Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s White Roses – white roses have always been the symbol for weddings, making this color the ideal choice to send throughout the year of your engagement. You should not forget to include a special note on the accompanying card that states one thing which you highly anticipate when you get married
  • Valentine’s Pink Roses – pink roses are truly symbols of romance, yet not so loud as passionate red ones. If you wish to show affection and admiration for someone on Valentine’s Day in a safe expression, this is your fun way to do it with a girl you have only recently begun dating or not yet told “I love you” to
  • Valentine’s Yellow Roses – represent friendship and the beauty of the sun. These are great to send to those women who are special and dearly appreciated friends in your life on Valentine’s Day. You can show your best girl friends how very much you appreciate them by sending them arrangements of sunny yellow roses this Valentine’s Day

In Conclusion

The color choice is not the only important message factor to consider with roses this Valentine’s Day. The number of these magical flowers also sends an implied message, so avoid the number 13 like the plague where roses are concerned this year. If you can afford to send her 40 roses, she is sure to get the point and be impressed with the financial depth of your commitment and love. You could mix and match the colors, probably in red, pink, and purple with this level of devotion.

Remember that the cost to order roses for Valentine’s Day will range depending heavily on when you choose to order your Valentine’s Day flowers. Some international delivery colors of roses may be more expensive than others too. All else being equal, the earlier that you place your order for Valentine’s Day roses arrangements, the less expensive your cost for valentines roses delivered will be. With rising demand closer to the actual day, the price for valentines flower delivery similarly goes higher. Plan ahead regarding your flowers for Valentines Day this year to get your various orders of Valentine’s Day roses set up early and save money on your Valentines roses for domestic, same day delivery, or international delivery at the same time.