Lavender Roses Meaning

You have probably seen many different colors of roses in your life, from pink, red, yellow and white. But the color lavender is rarely seen in a rose. In fact, the color lavender is rarely seen in nature either. This rarity has made this a special color. It is regal. For centuries, in Europe, the color lavender was reserved for royalty only. A peasant could not buy lavender clothing, dye, fabric or thread. Only the rulers of the country could wear this beautiful color. Lavender has come to personify uniqueness and eliteness. Yes, there really are lavender roses and they are fit for a king or queen.

But is that lavender rose color real or manmade?
Roses have been cherished for thousands of years by humans. Their colors and fragrances are the product of careful cultivation and cross-breeding. It is a process that never stops. Some varieties that we have today could be found in Elizabethan gardens or were grown for Egyptian pharaohs. Other varieties are growing right now that are completely new. Though all throughout history, lavender rose color has been of the rarest varieties. It is thought that the first lavender roses were the result of cross-breeding between European roses and roses bought from China along the silk road.

What makes the lavender color in a rose is the presence of a coloring called anthocyanin. This is the same substance that gives the lavender color to fruits, like blueberries, plums, and blackberries. Some roses are naturally lavender and some use a little trick. A cut rose can be infused with food coloring, to gain that lavender color. What makes the food coloring lavender? It is anthocyanins. These colorings aren’t manmade. They are extracted from foods like berries. It is the same thing that makes your fingers and tongue turn lavender when you eat blueberries or blackberries. Some times florists will tint a pure white rose to pale lavender with a few drops in a vase. At other times they can add just the right type and amount of coloring to just the right variety of rose to make a powerfully lavender rose beyond any color naturally found in nature. An artist’s touch can make bouquets with several beautiful lavenders at once.

What is the symbolism of the lavender rose?

There is nothing shy about lavender. It wants to be seen and admired. A lavender rose shows admiration of someone’s unique spirit. It is to say, there is no one like you. In olden times, there was only one king and one queen of land and they were the only ones allowed to wear lavender. The lavender color was the embodiment of that rarity. You can tell someone how special you think they are by giving the gift of lavender roses.

It is often given as a symbol of love at first sight. Lavender roses are a way to tell someone that you are in a new relationship with, that you really think they might be the one. If you want to let someone know that you really care about them, give the gift of lavender roses.

Lavender is also the color of magic and spiritualism. In eastern philosophy, the body has 7 energy centers, called Chakras. Each Chakra corresponds with various body parts, organ systems and elements of the personality. The highest Chakra, which resides in the head, is depicted as being a lavender color. On the visual spectrum, violet, or lavender, is the color with the highest vibration. Some believe that part of the human soul vibrates at the highest frequency in the highest, lavender or 7th, chakra. This lavender Chakra is said to connect humans to the divine.

Who should you give lavender roses to?

Give lavender roses to someone who has a high value in your life. Give it to your love, or someone that you wish was your love. Give lavender roses to someone to tell them just how rare and special you think that they are. Is your sweetheart a very spiritually minded person? Let them know that you appreciate part of their nature, by gifting them with roses with that most magical color, lavender.

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White Rose Meaning

Do you have any interest in the language of flowers? Also known as floriography, the language of flowers has been used by many cultures to ascribe meanings to different flowers and different colors of flowers. Even the way the flowers are arranged and delivered can convey different meanings! With flowers, you can communicate nearly any sentiment and combine flowers in a bouquet to communicate more complex ideas.

So, what is the meaning of a white rose? Do white roses make a good gift? If so, when is it appropriate to send white roses? Here’s what you should know about white rose meanings.

What Is the Meaning of a White Rose?

Roses are often associated with romance and love as well as confidentiality, hence the term “sub rosa” or “under the rose” which has been used for thousands of years. The meaning of a rose varies a great deal depending on its color, however. While red roses are used to convey romantic love, the meaning of a white rose is very different. read more

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Red Roses Meaning

As many of you know, red roses have traditionally been used to express the love that the giver has for the recipient. The meaning is much deeper if you know what you are looking for. A rose’s color, its variety, as well as the number of roses given have deloped into an unspoken language. Let’s take a closer look at the red rose and discover what you can say with the color and the arrangement.

A Look At The Red Rose Through History

Evidence suggests that roses have been around for 35 million years. Some of the earliest examples of humans using roses would be gardens found along well-traveled paths shortly after the neolithic revolution. While the exact meaning of these plots is not understood, it shows our fascination with the rose from these nomadic times.

In Greek and Roman civilizations the red rose was often associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. As a matter of fact, Cleopatra filled her quarters with rose petals so that Marc Anthony would remember her each time he smelled a rose. Emperor Nero would dump petals on dinner guests. The Romans cultivated it and newly married couples would often wear them as crowns. read more

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Yellow Roses Meaning and Symbolism

When it comes to giving flowers for a special occasion, or just as a kind gesture, you can never go wrong with the classic rose! Roses have been found to be around 32 million years old, according to fossil remains. Yellow, possibly the most bright and cheery of the colors of roses, originates in the Middle East. In the 18th century, yellow roses were discovered in Afghanistan and Southeast Asia by Europeans. The Europeans, only familiar with roses in shades of pink and white, we’re fascinated by this new color and began to cultivate these flowers into their land. They were then grown as hybrids with European roses. This soon became a popular color of the rose. This was due to the fact that they had a much longer blooming season, giving people more time to admire them. And there were many different shades of yellow that could be created through hybridization.
But what are the yellow roses meaning?

Many have held unlucky superstitions to the yellow rose, likely due to the yellow roses meaning in the past of jealousy or a symbol of a “goodbye” from Victorian times, but time changes meanings. Currently and more popularly, they represent the sun and warmth. Therefore, the yellow rose is associated with positive things such as optimism, friendship, and wellness. The color yellow is the most noticeable part of the color spectrum and is the first to be processed by the human eye. It is long thought to bring its viewer happiness and joy. When we think of yellow, we think of the sunshine, bees, flowers, and even the classic smiley face. Needless to say, the color yellow can quickly create feelings of warmth and comfort in us. This is why the yellow rose is a generally good gift. Furthermore, a gift of any flower is generally appreciated in most cultures.

In meditations, it is thought that focusing on the color yellow for long periods of time can open up expression and make communication easier. So the gift of a yellow rose is a great way to start a difficult discussion you may need to have with a loved one. But that isn’t the only acceptable occasion to give a yellow rose.
Yellow roses can also be a symbol of a solid friendship or strengthening a bond in a relationship. Giving someone roses in the shade of yellow is a great way of showing you care about a person and appreciate their place in your life. But these flowers aren’t strictly for friends, you can gift them to your lover as a cheery reminder of “I love you!”.
This color of rose is also wonderful for a get well gift. If someone in your life is ill or going through a rough time, give them a bright bouquet to inspire them with the good and happy times that are yet to come. It’s a sure way to lift their spirits!
If you need to say congratulations, a yellow rose is a perfect way to do so! Buy them for a loved one’s birthday, baby shower, wedding, graduation, promotion, or any good news you may want to celebrate with them. This will bring their joy even higher in this exciting time of their life.
Much like a congratulatory gift, these flowers can also be used as a good luck symbol. Bring the special person in your life some extra inspiration as they prepare for a trip, the beginning of a new school or work endeavor, or as start a new chapter in their life.
Additionally, yellow can freshen up an environment so try buying a bouquet for your work environment or even to keep around the house.
And conveniently, the color yellow is also trending in pop culture and on the internet right now, so it might just happen to be the favorite color of the person you’re gifting the flowers too!
Regardless of the meanings and symbols behind them, it’s certain that buying someone a bundle of yellow roses will be appreciated and cherished by the receiver, under any circumstance. So think about who might be needing some right now and go pick out some flowers for them!

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Sending Flowers to Hospital? Here’s What You Need to Know

When someone you love or care about ends up in the hospital, it can be difficult to know how to communicate your feelings. You want the best for the person who is ill and hope that they make a quick recovery. Whether you can take the time to visit the hospital or not, sometimes words just aren’t enough to show how much you care. This is why people have practiced sending flowers to those in the hospital for hundreds of years. It’s become a universal gesture of empathy, affection, and humanity. Here, we’ll take a look at the whys and the hows of sending flowers to a hospital.

Why flowers are the perfect gift to send to the hospital. read more

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Single White Rose Meaning and Symbolism

Finding the perfect rose or flower to gift can be difficult. There is a countless array of rose colors available, including rainbow roses. Recently, boxes and other formations of flowers have become more popular, but a single rose can send a short and sweet message or maybe more fit for the occasion.

The meaning of a single white rose is known by many as a representation of tenderness, love, peace, hope, and harmony. As with all white flowers, it can also represent purity. White roses are also commonly used as funeral flowers. Under these circumstances, they can mean several different things. Among the most popular of these is related to a celebration or the afterlife.

In funerals, white roses (like the color white) are meant to symbolize a combination of somberness and joy. Their simple, quiet beauty can be perceived as a form of remembrance. In this regard, they are seen as a way to celebrate that the person who has passed has been released from their earthly life and into something free of pain, misery, and suffering. Similar to how they can represent purity, white roses are used to portray the purity of the deceased’s next life once they have been reincarnated. read more

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Should I send her flowers after a breakup

Giving flowers to someone is always a meaningful gesture, so it is important to proceed with caution after a breakup. Though some people would advise completely cutting off an ex right after a breakup, it is actually more common than you would think to send flowers to ex-partners. Is this actually a good idea though? The answer to whether or not you should send flowers after a breakup will depend on your unique situation.

When Is It a Good Idea to Send Flowers to Your Ex?

Of course, the most common reason people start sending flowers to their ex is that they want to start up their relationship again. Flowers can be a very sensitive and caring way of telling someone how much they mean to you. Sending a person flowers can be a way of opening up communication with them again. It tells your ex that you are ready to talk to them and that you have important things to discuss.

You may also want to give your ex flowers if you are apologizing for something. A beautiful bouquet can be a great way of telling a person that you regret your past actions and want to tell them you’re sorry. If the relationship ended due to you being stubborn or behaving badly, a gift of flowers can be a great way of telling your ex you’ve changed. Though flowers alone cannot make up for you hurting an ex, they are a great start. read more

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